Why Stage?

Is home staging right for me?

The short answer is yes. If you’re selling your home it’s always worth it invest in home staging. Studies have shown that Staged homes will last 73% less time on the market compared to an unstaged home. A staged home looks better and because of that typically staged homes sell for more money. We’ve recently seen homes that we’ve staged sell for $17,000 more than the asking price!

But we already like our decorating!

We completely understand! The truth is that staging a home for sale is very different than decorating to live in the house. Home staging is a science and an art. At its core, home staging is a form of very successful marketing. Our interior designers are specifically trained to make a house as attractive as possible when people are making the decision on whether or not to buy.

Bbeautiful Home Staging

It costs too much money!

It’s a good thing you found My Staging Service! We have the lowest rates in Winnipeg but the point is that your home will sell faster and for more money. An unstaged home will normally sell for far less money than a staged home. You will usually make your investment back many times over if you have us stage your home. We’ve personally staged homes that have sold for thousands above asking price. Most of the time home staging will make you money.

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A Couple of Our Previously Staged Homes